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If you've ever found yourself in a sea of confusion when it comes to buying, installing, and using cargo racks of all shapes and sizes, fear not!

We've got your back, your front, and all the sides covered. So buckle up (and strap down your cargo) to embark on your journey to find the perfect cargo rack, carrier and more!
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Author Mike Rollins headshot
Chief editor | contributor
When I'm not living in the world of automobiles, you can find me unwinding on a hiking trail or at a local coffee shop.

I'm a lover of nature, a connoisseur of good coffee, and a die-hard baseball fan. It's the little things that keep me grounded and remind me that there's more to life than what's under the hood.
I've been living and breathing everything cars for over 20 years, so you could say I know a thing or two.
I love sharing my knowledge to help folks choose the right gear for their vehicle.

Author Bill Nikolaou
Immersed in the thrill of conquering wild rapids, my adventurous spirit constantly dreams of scaling some of the most legendary rivers on Earth.

Beyond the river's embrace, I'm fuelled by a passion for digital marketing. I've harnessed my storytelling and connection-building skills from rafting and kayaking to create engaging content online.
Guiding sturdy rafts and inflatable kayaks through countless adventures on various waterways has been my jam for the past 7 years.
Author Hanna LeClair image
My story revolves around my love for nature, fitness, and family.

Born and raised in the Rockies, I am juggling many roles as a mother, an amateur triathlete, and a blogger but I never get tired of the fresh mountain air.
With years of experience as sports merchandiser at REI, I've developed expertise in sports gear selection and outdoor fitness. I share my knowledge  to help others embark on their own adventures with confidence.
Jason Majewski
I've been in my 50s for a few years now, but I'm still as passionate about all things automotive as I was in my 20s.

Beyond my professional life, I'm an avid traveler who loves to explore the beauty of the open road, whether on four wheels or two.
I worked on various projects with major automotive manufacturers, where I honed my skills in designing, testing, and modifying mechanical components.

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Research and testing methodology

My Cargo Rack Test

By accumulating experience, conducting research, and collecting feedback from users who've purchased various cargo racks and carriers, our methodology has continuously refined to provide objective insights and recommendations.
bike rack testing

#1 Research and procurement

We conduct an in-depth market analysis to identify popular and top-rated cargo racks, top carriers, and other sport racks.

These are carefully curated by looking at factors like market demand, user reviews, satisfactions, and new product releases. Our research is very methodic to ensure we provide an objective point of view when selection multiple models for evaluation and testing.

#2 Practical testing

This is one of the key steps as we assemble the equipment as a customer would to go through the setup and to document first impressions.

Initial impressions of the equipment cover its quality, design, and materials. The evaluation also includes the tools required, clarity of instructions, and the time it takes to install it.

The goal of practical testing is to mimic the "everyday use".

We subject each product to real-world conditions. Loading cargo racks or carriers with sports items, different loads, taking them on road trips, testing sports components in winter, and other all-year round conditions.

The variability of conditions help us to evaluate sturdiness, ease of use, and impact on vehicle handling or fuel consumption.

#3 Evaluation and scoring

We rate each product using a comprehensive scoring system we've developed internally, taking into account factors like material quality, ease of installation, usability, and price.

Our rating is simplified (into a numeric rating scale) between 0-5 to help summarize our research and provide My Cargo Rack users with rating based on our honest assessment.

#4 Publishing

Each article, product review or comparison must adhere to editorial guidelines and standards. We believe in providing quality and helpful content because making the right purchase decision can improves our readers lives and their adventures more enjoyable with the right transportation system and gear.