7 Best Ski Racks to Organize Your Garage: 2023 Guide

wall mounted rack for skis and poles

So you need a place to store your skis…

Throwing your skis into the garage without much thought can lead to damage and disorganization and leaving them outside will expose them to element.

That's where a garage ski rack comes in handy.

Not only will it protect your skis from the elements, but it will also keep them neatly organized, ready for your next adventure.

Now, let's take a closer look at the summary of best ski racks for garages:

Best Horizontal Ski Storage Racks:

Best Vertical Ski Storage Racks:

Best Freestanding Ski Storage Rack:

With the recommendations provided in this article, you can confidently choose the perfect ski rack or look at DIY option to build it your self. Let's dive in!

What Are Garage Ski Racks?

Finding the best place to store your skis can be a challenge. You won’t want to store them outside because of exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture.

Another option is to store your skis is in your house or apartment, but this is not great because of the space they take up.

For these reasons, many people decide that a garage is the best place to store their skis.

Although you could simply place your skis somewhere random in your garage, it is highly recommended to use a ski rack instead. We will discuss why in the next section of this article.

A garage ski rack allows you to conveniently and safely store your skis in your garage. Garage ski racks come in various shapes, sizes, and prices so you can find the best one for your unique situation.

Keeping reading to learn more about storing skis in a garage.

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Why Should You Use a Rack to Store Skis in a Garage?

Out of all the places to store your skis, why should you do it in the garage?

We’ll admit that the absolute best place to store your skis is in a climate-controlled environment with low humidity and room temperatures. However, this is not always an option for many people (and it’s a bit overkill unless you have very high-end skis).

The other end of this spectrum is storing your skis outside, which is definitely not a good idea! This will expose your skis to the elements and eventually ruin them because of rain, extreme temperatures, and much more.

This is why storing your skis in a garage is a great option. It’s protected from the elements and it is much easier to find a convenient spot to store them in.

So… Why not just place your skis in a safe spot in the garage? Who do you need a rack?

There are many reasons!

If your garage sustains water damage (either flooding or leaking), it has a better chance of damaging your skis if they are sitting on the ground or leaning directly against a wall. A ski rack will hold your skis off the ground and away from direct contact with the wall.

A garage ski rack will also prevent your skis from falling over, getting stepped on, getting smashed underneath other objects, or getting lost in a pile of other junk. All these things could cause damage to your skis if you are not using a rack.

Now that you know why you should be using a rack when storing your skis in a garage, keep reading to learn about what you should be looking for when purchasing a ski rack.

What to Consider When Purchasing Garage Ski Storage

Before you start the purchase process for a garage ski rack, you’ll want to consider a few factors such as:

  1. Capacity
  2. Material
  3. Layout
  4. Budget

Keeping reading to learn more about these aspects of garage ski racks.

1. Capacity

One of the first factors you should consider before you purchase a ski rack is the capacity of the rack. This determines how many pairs of skis the rack can hold.

Most garage ski racks hold anywhere from 2 to 12 pairs of skis. This is a huge range, so it will be pretty easy to find a rack that will hold all of your skis!

We recommend that you should purchase a rack that has the same maximum capacity as you need it to carry. For example, if you only need to store 2 pairs of skis, you probably shouldn’t buy a rack that could hold up to 12 pairs of skis. It will take up too much space!

2. Material

Garage ski racks can be made of different types of materials, so you’ll need to consider which one is best for your situation.

The most common materials that garage ski racks are made of are plastic, wood, and metal.

Plastic is the most affordable option, but it is more likely to break and might be difficult to repair. Wood is more durable and may have a better appearance than the other materials, but it is at risk of rotting if you had a water leak in your garage. Metal is typically the most expensive out of these three materials, but it is very durable and may not look as nice as wood.

3. Layout

You’ll also want to consider the layout of the ski rack: either horizontal or vertical.

A vertical ski rack stores your skis in a standing position. It will take up less space, but has a higher likelihood of causing damage to your skis (from the skis falling out or the rack warping the skis over time).

A horizontal ski rack will hold your skis flat, rather than standing up. These racks tend to be safer for your skis and easier to load and unload. Horizontal racks may also be more versatile. As long as you stay within the rack’s weight limit, you might be able to use it to store other items such as lumber or PVC pipes depending on the rack’s design.

If you have the wall space, we recommend a horizontal ski rack.

4. Budget

Before you start shopping, you’ll want to think about how much you actually want to spend on a garage ski rack.

Ask yourself:

  1. How long do I plan on using the rack?
  2. How helpful will this be for clearing space in my garage?
  3. Do I care about the appearance of the rack?

Your answers to these questions will help you figure out if you want to keep your budget low, or possibly get something a bit nicer.

The price range of garage ski racks can vary quite a lot, typically costing anywhere from $25 to $200. Therefore, you’ll definitely want to think about your budget first.

3 Types of Ski Racks for Your Garage

There are many different ski racks that you could choose for your garage. These racks vary by capacity, price point, quality, materials, brand, style, and more.

To help you out with the decision process, we’ve organized our top choices for the best garage ski racks. We’ll discuss exactly why we liked these racks so you can find whichever rack is best for your situation.

Best Horizontal Ski Storage Racks

1. StoreYourBoard Horizontal Multi Ski Wall Rack (Best Overall)

This garage ski rack from StoreYourBoard is a great overall option to store not only skis, but also snowboards surfboards, skateboards, and more!

It can fit up to 4 or 6 pairs of skis depending on if you hold one or two pairs of skis in each slot. It features padded arms that will keep your gear protected from damage. You can easily fit 2 pairs of skis AND poles just in one slot!

People who purchased this rack said it was easy to install, convenient, and sturdy.

Honestly… there are not really any major complaints about this rack! The rack’s high capacity, versatility, and sturdiness make this our top choice for a horizontal ski rack.

Check it out on Amazon!

2. StoreYourBoard Ski Storage Rack (Most Affordable)

This ski rack is also from StoreYourBoard and is significantly cheaper than the other rack we mentioned before. It can also be used for other items, not just skis (as long as you stay within the rack’s weight capacity).

The main benefit of this rack is the low cost. Because of the low cost, this rack only holds up to 3 pairs of skis and it’s not quite as visually appealing as the other rack from StoreYourBoard.

People who bought this rack liked it because it’s very affordable and simplistic.

However, you should know that some people had some complaints about this rack. Some people had trouble fitting 3 pairs of skis on the rack, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to store that many skis on this rack. Also, some people described the rack as too flimsy and not as sturdy as it could be. However, for the price, this is to be expected!

Overall this is a good rack if you’re really limited on budget. However, if you can afford to spend a bit more on a rack we recommend one of the other racks that we recommend. Also, if you need to store any more than 2 pairs of skis, you might want to consider another rack since some people had issues fitting 3 pairs (even though that is the stated capacity of the rack.

Check it out on Amazon!

3. Grassracks Bamboo/Baltic Birch Wood Horizontal Wall-Mounted Ski Rack (Best Appearance)

This garage ski rack is from Grassracks is a wooden rack made of either Bamboo or Baltic Birch wood (you can choose which wood you prefer).

We’ve chosen this rack because it’s very visually appealing and well-built. You can choose which type of wood you prefer and you can also determine what capacity you want to rack to have (anywhere from 1 to 5). This means you can choose the perfect rack for your garage.

Of course, people who bought the product really liked the design of this rack. They also said the rack was very sturdy and well-built. People had no trouble fitting their skis and ski poles in this rack.

There weren’t any major complaints about this rack. Fitting the skis can be a bit tight sometimes depending on the size of your skis, but ultimately this didn’t really cause issues for anyone.

If you have a higher budget and want a garage ski rack that will really stand out, we highly recommend this rack!

Check it out on Amazon!

Best Vertical Ski Storage Racks

1. StoreYourBoard Vertical Ski Wall Rack and Storage Shelf (Best Overall)

This vertical ski rack from StoreYourBoard is a fantastic product that will surely meet your needs!

This rack holds up to 10 pairs of skis, is adjustable, and even has a storage rack on top for your ski boots or luggage bags.

People who bought this rack recommended it because it is very sturdy and has great capacity. People also found the storage shelf to be a great bonus. The adjustability of the rack was great for fitting all different types of skis. The installation was very easy for most people.

The main issue that people had is installing this rack on a wall with 24-inch gaps between the wall studs. Newer homes may have this larger gap, meanwhile, this rack is designed for 16-inch stud gaps. However, this can be fixed by installing 2×4 wooden planks onto the wall studs, then installing the rack onto those wooden planks. This isn’t a major issue, however, it is a slight inconvenience for some.

Overall, this is a fantastic rack because of its high capacity and versatility. We really think you’ll like the storage shelf as well. The high-quality build will give you peace of mind knowing that this rack will last a long time.

Check it out on Amazon!

2. StoreYourBoard Vertical Ski Wall Storage Rack (Best Value)

If the previous ski rack from StoreYourBoard is a bit overkill for your needs, this one should be perfect!

This garage ski rack holds up to 8 pairs of skis and does not have a top storage shelf. With the lower capacity and lack of a storage shelf, this rack is the best value if you don’t need those extra features. It is significantly cheaper.

People who bought this rack had very similar comments as the rack we just mentioned above from StoreYourBoard. It’s sturdy, high-capacity, and will last a long time. You won’t have to worry about this rack breaking!

Also, this rack also has the same installation quirk as the other vertical rack from StoreYourBoard. Newer homes may have a larger gap between the wall studs than what this rack is designed for. This can be fixed by installing 2×4 wooden planks onto the wall studs, then installing the rack onto those wooden planks.

If you don’t need a storage shelf built-in and only need to hold 8 pairs of skis, we think this is your best vertical garage ski rack option.

Check it out on Amazon!

3. Homeon Wheels Ski Storage Rack (Most Affordable)

This rack from Homeon Wheels is very straightforward and super affordable!

This garage ski rack holds up to 3 pairs of skis and could also be used for other things, such as garden tools. Each hook can hold up to 60 pounds, which means you won’t have to worry about overloading this rack.

People who bought this rack said it was easy to install and well-made. There weren’t really any complaints about this product considering the price!

If you have a low budget or only need to carry a couple of pairs of skis, we definitely recommend checking out this rack.

Check it out on Amazon!

Best Freestanding Ski Storage Rack

A freestanding ski storage rack is useful if you don’t want to mount a rack on your wall or you plan on moving the rack around rather than installing it in a fixed location.

1. StoreYourBoard's Freestanding 5-Pair Ski Storage Rack

This is the only one freestanding garage ski rack that stands out to us.

This rack holds up to 5 pairs of skis and comes in two different styles depending on how wide your skis are (standard skis vs. wide skis). The wide version of this rack only holds 4 pairs of skis.

This rack stands completely on its own, so there is no need to place this next to a wall or mount it. Also, there’s a nice drainage functionality so any melting snow will drain through the rack instead of puddling at the bottom.

People who bought the rack really liked the freestanding ability of the rack because of the convenience. Most people found the rack to be very stable and had no issue fitting their skies.

However, there were a few issues that some people had with this rack. Some people said that they expected better quality for the price. People noted that you’ll need to be careful when dropping your skis into place. If you drop them too hard, it could damage the base of the rack (especially over time).

We’d recommend this garage ski rack if you are unable to mount a rack to your walls or are willing to pay a bit extra to skip the installation process (since this rack is very easy to set up).

Check it out on Amazon!

Benefits of a Garage Ski Rack

A garage ski rack can have multiple benefits that make it worth the investment.

1. Keeps Your Skis Organized

Using a garage ski rack will help keep your skis organized!

Especially if you have several pairs of skis, it can become a huge mess without a rack. If you have 4 people in your household who ski, you’ll have 8 skis and 8 poles as well as boots, helmets, goggles, etc. All these items can be really difficult to keep track of.

Keeping the skis in the garage on a rack is nice because you won’t have them taking up room in your house.

2. Keeps Your Skis Protected

Using a ski rack will also help keep your skis protected.

If you’re not using a rack, you’re probably piling them up in a corner of your garage or leaning them up against a wall. This means they could get buried under heavy items or fall over.

It will be easy for your skis to get damaged this way.

Leaning up against a wall or sitting them directly on the floor could also cause water damage if your garage starts leaking, so that’s another aspect you’ll want to consider.

A garage ski rack will keep your keeps off the ground and wall. This greatly reduces the risk of water damage.

3. Prevents You From Losing Your Skis and Poles

Without an organized and specific location to store your skis, you can easily misplace them.

A lot of people have so many different items in their garage that the skis or poles could easily get lost among the rest of the items.

When you’re ready to go on your ski trip, the last thing you’ll want to do is dig around trying to find your equipment! With a ski rack, you’ll always be ready to head to the mountains at a moment’s notice.

Two Examples of DIY Garage Ski Racks

Whether you want to save money or simply enjoy DIY projects, you could also create a ski rack for your garage by yourself.

If you’re new to DIY projects or woodworking, this may be a bit of a challenge but it is possible!

For the best resource on how to build a DIY ski rack for your garage, click here, or watch the two videos below.

Vertical DYI ski rack

Horizontal DYI ski rack

How to Store Skis on Your Garage Ceiling

If you’re lacking both wall and floor space in your garage, you’ll need to consider storing your skis on your garage ceiling.

Approaching garage ceiling storage will depend on how your garage is built, but generally, you can use an overhead garage storage rack to hold your skis.

1. Overhead Garage Storage Adjustable Ceiling Storage Rack

This overhead rack is 3x6 feet, which should be perfect for holding your skis, other equipment and unused items!

It's made from metal so it's a great choice for durability and it's cold-rolled steel construction hold safely up to 450 lbs of load.

Summary of How to Organize Skis in Your Garage

You definitively need of a reliable and organized solution for storing your skis, snowboards and other winter gear.

Leaving your skis outside exposed to the elements can lead to damage, and simply throwing them into the garage is not a practical or efficient method.

In my research and experience from owning a two car garage that's full of stuff, I have identified the best ski racks for garages in both horizontal and vertical options.

For horizontal storage:

For vertical ski storage:

  • StoreYourBoard Vertical Ski Wall Rack and Storage Shelf stands out as the best overall option. It provides a convenient storage solution while also offering a storage shelf for additional gear.

Freestanding ski storage:

  • for those who prefer a freestanding ski storage rack, the StoreYourBoard Freestanding 5-Pair Ski Storage Rack is the top pick. It offers ample storage space for multiple pairs of skis and is sturdy and durable.

To wrap this up, getting in a garage ski rack is a good decision to protect your skis and keep them organized.

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